Viva Mexico!

I fell in love with Mexico when we planned a weekend trip to Monterrey in April 2017. So when my husband suggested going to Mexico City for the long weekend I was thrilled!

We booked our tickets and started planning the journey. We did a thorough research, spoke to a couple of people and planned our itinerary accordingly.

After spending 4 days in this gorgeous country, we came back with a crazy sun burn and lots of beautiful memories!

I am still not over the vacation so I am trying to re-live the experience by writing this blog post haha! 😀



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Ola Mexico City! 🙂


Connectivity (From Austin, TX): Aeromexico, direct 2 hour flight. $350 approx per person

Visa: If you hold a valid visa for the United States of America you just have to fill an immigration form on the flight and submit it at the airport immigration counter upon arrival

What to pack?: Travel light, layers (Jackets, light sweater and raincoats), sunscreen, after sun lotion, sunglasses, big hat/ cap, and comfortable shoes

Accommodation: Hostel Suites DF – Terán 38, Tabacalera, 06030 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico Phone: +52 55 5535 8117

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Day 1: We landed in CDMX at about 5 pm, cleared immigration, booked an Uber and headed straight to the hostel. All of this took quite a bit and it was already 7 by the time we reached the hostel. We met a couple of people at the hostel and they asked us if we would like to join  them for dinner at a ceviche place…The place was okay but was way overpriced for what it served. We crashed in early to be fresh for the long day of walking on day 2.

Day 2: Walking/Eating tour, Zocalo

The hostel has great breakfast, so our day of walking and eating started there. After the meal we walked along the Paseo Reforma – Hidalgo – 5 De Mayo streets and took in the great Sunday morning vibe around us as we headed towards the city center. The streets were crowded with all kinds of people, locals, tourists, vendors all of whom made this 2-3 hour walk a lot of fun. There are some magnificent buildings scattered all over this area and this walk is a must do for anyone who has never seen the city before. Along the way, we were constantly replenishing ourselves with some great street food that included tortas, mexican corn, tacos, churros and even some gelato to top it all off.

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Day 3: Aztec ruins, Artisan Center & Pyramids

We booked a tour available at the hostel for $550 (Mexican Pesos) per head. The tour was for around 8 hours of which we spent the majority at the pyramids. If you end up going on one of these, make sure you wear comfortable shoes and a lot of sunscreen!

Aztec Ruins

Aztec Ruins

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Artisan Center


Artisan Center

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Loom that uses a mixture of Cactus and cotton fiber

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Loom that uses a mixture of cactus and cotton fiber

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Pyramid of the Moon

FullSizeRender (62)

Pyramid of the Moon


View from the top

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FullSizeRender (65)

Pyramid of the Sun

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View from the top

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Day 4: Castle, Museums, Markets

The last day was spent exploring the gorgeous museums and the markets.

  • Chapultepec Castle: Ticket – $ 62 (Mexican Pesos) per person. Located at the top of the Chapultepec Hill this is actually the only castle in North America. Here you can get a gorgeous view of the Reforma (avenue that runs diagonally across the heart of Mexico City).
  • The Frida Kahlo museum: Ticket$200 (Mexican Pesos) per person. A historic house (La Casa Azul) and art museum dedicated to the life and works of the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. This place is definitely worth a visit for all lovers of art. Walk around the area and definitely visit the local Mercado Coyoacan.  Buy tickets online or be prepared to stand in the line for a couple of hours!! Also, if you want to click photographs inside don’t forget to buy the special pass.
  • Museo de Antropologia (National Museum of Anthropology): Ticket – $70 (Mexican Pesos) per head. A great place to visit to learn more about Mexican culture and history. You’ll need at least a day to cover the entire museum. I would suggest going there before the pyramids as this place provides a lot of details about Teotihuacan history that a guide might not be able to.


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Food & Restaurants:

  1. Churrería El Moro – Crispy and delicious Churros with a variety of dips. Open 24×7!!
  2. La Casa de Tono – Delicious pozole, tostadas, quesadilla, sopes and Flan de la Abuela
  3. Street food – Mexican sweet corn slathered with mayo, seasoning, lime and chili, Tacos and Tortas



Goodbye Mexico! Until next time 🙂


It’s a really nice city with great people all around. Just follow the basic safety precautions and you’ll have a blast! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email. Hope you guys have a fabulous week ahead! 🙂 ❤




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