Austin-ing Around!

As I finally sit comfortably on my couch after almost 2 1/2 weeks, I think about how we spent the last few weeks apartment hunting, packing a zillion boxes, waking up to the popping sounds of bubble wrap and finding ourselves half covered in sticky tape, while at the same time do things I hadn’t explored and visit my favorite places in Minneapolis one last time! After comparing countless quotes from various packers and movers, rental services and airlines I realized moving is expensive but most importantly I realized I don’t suck at Math after all!!!

When we were all packed and ready to hand in the keys it all became so real, so many thoughts and questions running through my mind. This apartment won’t be home anymore! Will I like the new city, new home? What if I don’t? What next?! I quickly decided to click a picture of our empty apartment, before I bid my final goodbye to this place we once called home 🙂

Moving to a new city is overwhelming but I admit it’s super exciting! The first morning in the new apartment was surreal and to be honest a little disorienting too! We spent the next 3 days unpacking the boxes and cursing the movers for not taking good care of our prized possessions.

Finally after 2 1/2 weeks of absolute madness I was able to enjoy a warm cup of tea and think about this new life, new beginning in Austin, TX. We spent the first weekend exploring the city and it’s world-famous food trucks! I sure miss Minneapolis but Austin is my new home sweet home! 🙂









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